Papers And Headaches

I would love to say that this pictures are from my studying in the library for hours on end this weekend, but they are not. No, I have not been faithful this past Saturday, but as you know I was quite busy. But today has been declared a day of papers and headaches!  Bring it on : )

Oh, and P.S. - I am never going to the 8'clock service after a late night.  Not even my extra large cup of coffee could get me away from the grump!


  1. oh man, i so remember these days. stay strong, sweetie! ;) <3

  2. i just found your blog from kelly ann's rad list- so happy she featured you- you have a lovely blog!

  3. Oh I'm trying...some days it's hard! :P But today I picked up some chocolate covered pretzels so the day got better : )


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