Photography: Krista & Krista (Take Four)

*Do not take, use, or tamper with any of the photographs in this post or anywhere on my blog. Thank you.
It's raining again, so I thought it would be appropriate to post this final set of the Krista's shoot form the other day showing them with the cute umbrellas.
Look at the HEELS on that girl! I've always had issues with walking in skinny heels (wedges are much more preferred) ever since I had my ankle injury back in high school that landed me in crutches for two weeks. Let's just say that swollen ankles after a night in heels is enough to scare me away long enough until I decide to try it again (will I ever learn?).

Here are some more pictures with my shoot with The Kristas.

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  1. i l-o-v-e the one of their hands - FAVOURITE!


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