Style Files: Looking Back

Taking outfit pictures has been quite the experience for me.  I would much rather be the one taking the pictures, which is probably why I do the same pose in most every shot!.  But that's probably not about to change.  I'm not a model! All I can do is get dressed in the morning! I can't wear heels, and I certainly can't give this up so I'll just keep doing my thing and you just keep being the awesome people that you are. : )


  1. I can't really wear heels either. I massively sprained my right ankle last year and it's never been the same. I was never on crutches, though. I just had an extremely stylish orthopedic boot thing I had to wear for 3 weeks. xo

  2. I love wearing heels but I can only wear them on days I know I'm not going to be walking a lot!

  3. I think you are doing great! I can't wear heels either...I just always feel too awkwardly tall! hehe


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