Photography: Krista & Krista (Sneak Peak)

Please do no take, use, or tamper with any of the photos in this post or anywhere on my blog. If you want to blog about the photos please email me first, and leave a link back in the post. Thank you : )
Here is just a sneak peak at what happened yesterday with Krista and Krista.  Aren't these two girls beautiful?  Makes my job a snap!  You'll probably be seeing pictures from this shoot for a while now.  We took so many! :D


  1. hi. i just found your site from looking at alyssa's versions of these pictures. your blog is awesome! i love your style. and i have no idea why we were never friends when i was at PBU. oh and your blog layout is great. where did you get it from? i've been looking for a one column layout for awhile, and i'm quite fond of this one.

  2. Thanks! As for the layout I made it myself.

  3. wow you made it yourself. that's great. even after a web design class i still can't do code. i only passed the class because there was a rather helpful and friendly guy in my class who helped me with every single assignment. haha


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