Photography: Krista & Krista (Take Two)

Please do no take, use, or tamper with any of the photos in this post or anywhere on my blog. If you want to blog about the photos please email me first, and leave a link back in the post. Thank you : )
Here are some more images from the Krista & Krista shoot. I think the images turned out pretty well.  I'm definitely still learning and want to get 500 times better, but this is my third official "shoot" and I'm happy with the results.

By the way, I still have a ton more images. Posting them here is a great way for me to chronicle my journey as a photographer.  So please tell me what you think of these - do you like them?


  1. hey! your blog is really great. i am in a similar ish position as you, just starting out portrait sessions. this is a really great first shoot. there are some great angles, pretty impressive dof and the props are really interesting. my only recommendation when shooting, and maybe that is just what you choose to post is to give them some breath, love to see a bigger range of medium and long shots. and as far as post production you did a great job i would just suggest checking out this video tutorial it has totally helped all my subjects skin tons tones and this blog in general sorry for the lengthy post i love talking about photography. have a nice night!

  2. Thanks so much Jill! I'll check out those websites : )

  3. the krista holding the journal is wearing a GORGEOUS ring! oh my word, i want it... haha.

  4. i really love the colors. for portraits i would definitely recommend shooting with a zoom distance of 50 or more. the closer you are, the more it distorts the features on the face, like making the eyes further apart and the nose bigger. the composition just feel a little tight or cramped, if that makes sense. but other than that, you're off to a great start. every single shoot you get better and better. and then you want to go and redo all of those previous shoots because you've learned so much since then. photography is definitely a constant learning process.

  5. Thanks Laura! Unfortunately my camera doesn't have a really good zoom : ( But I'll try out what you're saying! I really appreciate all the tips.

    And Kelly - I KNOW! I fell in love with it.


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