Photography: Raindrops

So another week has come to a close. It's been a busy one too! I've worked every single day (yes!) and I'm keeping busy (another yes!). This weekend is also going to be a big one.  I'm photographing a wedding which I'm really excited about and then I'm pretty sure we're  helping our cousins move into a new home. Hopefully there will be some time for some sleeping (a lot of it!) since I'm running on empty right now.
Sometimes I try to convince myself that I like rain.  And I usually succeed!  But then there are days when the rain is coming down but instead of it being refreshing the weather is hot and humid.  Those kind of rainy days are no fun.  But when it's fresh and spring time, rain can be quite refreshing!  Yes, my feet get soaked and I'm shivering, but I still like the way rain looks when it lands.  There's just something about it. (Ps - these images were taken back when I went on this walk).
Anyways, I hope you guys have a good weekend! What are your plans?

*Do not take, use, or tamper with any of the pictures in this post and on my entire blog. Thank you.


  1. Lovely post. Rain can be really nice! Have fun photographing the wedding! Do you do weddings often?
    <3 Stina

  2. Beautiful!

    Anyway, i wanted to let you know i gave you an award on my blog
    have a great weekend :)


  3. mmmmm... rain. i love it. (except for the giant, massive flood mixed with tornadoes that we had in southern california earlier this year. it was crazy!)

    good luck with the wedding! i can't wait to see photos. :) this weekend i have a bridal shower, an engagement shoot, hopefully getting a bit of a tan if it warms up a little, and i'm in need of a bike ride! :)

  4. No, this will be my first wedding and I'm very excited : )


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