Daily Life: Congrats, Grad!

Today is going to be filled with lots of packing and cleaning (the two things I dislike most in life). Tomorrow we leave for vacation (more on that later) and there's still so much left to do! But I wanted to get this post up before getting too busy and leaving it in my drafts folder.  

Here is the night of Bryce's graduation!
This week Bryce officially graduated high school.  It's so hard to even think that Bryce is now 18 and heading off to college, but everyone has to grow up sometime! By the way, we're working on getting Anna some new glasses, in case you were wondering about the tape :D
And of course what is life like without a little bit of camera fun?  Believe it or not, but this bathroom was actually completely empty right after everyone was let out of the ceremony.  I guess no one knew where it was??  Fine with me! :D

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