Style Files: Color Copied

Here are some photos of what I wore yesterday. The weather was once again dreamy - not to hot, and little humidity! But knowing my state, this will only last very briefly before it returns to hot and humid for the rest of the summer.
I think I like to wear the same color close together. My last style post also included this purple cardigan. However, both of these outfits were photographed with a day in between, so there's a little bit of leeway, right? :D
Typically I don't like pointed flats, but these won me over with their comfort and studs. As for the dress I really like the bandeau cut top and the folded pleats near the bust. Just adds a little bit of something special when you look closer.

Dress: American Eagle
Shoes: Target
Cardigan: Target
Scarf: Old Navy


  1. Great dress! I'm loving your shoes. ♥

  2. the studs on those flats are such a great touch!

  3. Gotta love Target! I wish they had some in Canada.

    P.S. You should go to a letterpress workshop yourself anyway! It's amazingly fun!


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