I'm On A Boat, Lawbreaker

Sunday we went boating after church.  A good friend of mine was able to come along whom I hadn't seen for a while and it was great catching up and just hanging out on the lake : ) But Kelly didn't know she'd end up with this at the end of the day....
Yes, my family is known for things like this.

The boys went ahead first, and then us girls came a little bit later.  Since the cell phone service is really bad by the lake it took us almost an hour until we were able to locate the boys and until they came to pick us up from the dock (yes it was hot, and yes it was torture watching every other person going out on the lake while we were there waving them on).
This big guy is called a water weenie.  No, I'm not making that up or cracking a joke. It really is called the water weenie.  That just sounds like fun, doesn't it? :D We took this big shark out for a spin on the lake!
It was the perfect day for being on the lake.  There was a breeze by the water that made the humidity and the heat more bearable.
I realize that last foot picture might make some of your squirm, but the edges of the shore were really caked in dirt.  You couldn't stand around too long or it would start sucking your feet under!
I didn't know there was such a thing as extra crunchy peanuts, but apparently there is!  Does anyone know how they get the peanuts to be even more crunchy than peanuts already are?
I hope many more days come like this one.

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