I'm On A Boat, Pt 2

Here are a few more pictures from boating that didn't make it the first round. By the way, how was your Memorial weekend? Do anything fun in the sun?

I think this picture could have been really cute, but the sun flares are just a little strangely placed :P
Today was a good day.  I finally was able to sleep in this morning (I've been having trouble sleeping with that skylight beaming into my eyes every morning!) and I ate a delicious breakfast (which also rarely happens).  Then I went out to lunch with an old friend (it's her 20th birthday today!) and had a good time : ) Panera is always a good decision!


  1. It seems like you had a great time. Your photos are great!

  2. no no no! the strangely placed sun flares are so imperfect and cool looking, i love it! :)


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