Post from the Road: The Grand Canyon From The Bottom (Day 8)

Today was day two at the Grand Canyon.  We headed to the Caverns near the canyon and it was beautiful inside! Although I wish it was less commercialized.  They had really invaded the canyon and put lights, wire fences, concrete and other modern things that took away form the natural affect of the cavern.
See what I mean about the lights?  That little booth that you see in one of the pictures above is actually a mini-hotel room that you can rent out.  Hmmm.
After we finished up at the caverns, we headed over to hop in Jeeps to head down to the bottom of the Grand Canyon.  Not many people make it down there since you have to have a special permit, and since the only road driving into the bottom is owned by Indians on a reservation, so we were pretty excited.
As you can see, the wind was pretty crazy on the hair :D
Since the view from the top was stunning, so was the view from the bottom.  It was a completely different feeling to be surrounded by such massive rock masses, but still just as amazing.

Tomorrow we are heading out on the road again.  Still not sure what the plans are, but hopefully it doesn't include too many hours in the RV. Eight people living in a tight space isn't as glamorous as the pictures pan out to be :D


  1. This are so great!! wish I can go someday!

  2. You should definitely put it on the list - it's an amazing place. And I would LOVE to see the photographs you take.

  3. Looks like such a beautiful place! would love to get out west someday


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