The Mamma That Bakes

Fair warning: This post will induce sugar craving panic attacks that will send you straight to the grocery store and home with the most delicious and tasty treat you'll be able to find.  Now would be a good time to hide your wallet.
My mamma knows how to bake/cook/make anything delicious.  The other morning she made cinnamon rolls from scratch. That's right!  No bake and break here!
Trust me, they are as delicious as they look. Even more!  Come to think of it, I'm going to go get myself a mamma-made cinnamon roll!


  1. Aww you have one of the best mamas! :D

  2. They look SO delicious! :D
    Your blog is very cute :) pass by mine if you want, it's:

  3. oh my! they look so delicious! i wish my mom was a baker

  4. My mom wasn't really a baker for most of my life, but the past year and a half she's been crazy into it! My family loves it!

  5. my dad makes cinnamon rolls from scratch and i could eat them all. day. long. haha, to be honest they're the only cinnamon rolls i'll eat! i've never been a fan of them really, but if my dad makes them, you bet i'll eat them! mmmm. thank heavens for parents! ;)

  6. Oh my goodness. The last picture proves everything. :9


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