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First off, thanks SO much for all your opinions and comments on the "Blues" post yesterday.  It is actually reassuring that there are other bloggers out there that take it personal when people unsubscribe from your blog. If I'm crazy at least I'm not crazy alone anymore! ;D
(Funny face in this one :D You can tell I'm going on little to no sleep!)

Skirt-Target, Top-Gap, Belt-Express, Shoes-Target
This has got to be one of the hottest days I've taken pictures EVER.  You can tell in some of these pictures that my lens kept on fogging up.  I've also been having issues with my lens in general so I'm looking into purchasing another one soon. It was dropped in the sand a long time ago and it's never quite gotten over that.
Maybe you can tell that I'm actually wearing high heels in these pictures.  Walking on mulch in high heels isn't as easy as it looks!  You keep on sinking and getting stuck.  Add in the humidity and lens issues and you got one bad looking spectacle! Ha!
This belt came from my sister just the other day.  She was clearing out her closet (love when that happens) and was getting rid of this beauty! I snatched it up in a hurry. Ps - If you're interested in seeing some more photos from Jason and Lauren's wedding visit my photography website to see them. Also, I joined the Independent Fashion Bloggers network so add me as a friend if you wanna. :D


  1. Good call on the belt. This makes me want a plain white v-neck T so bad! (How have I lived this long without one anyway??)

  2. i know, crazy that a scarf covers my entire body... i'm pretty short :)

    i love when friends (not sisters, sadly i have none) clean out their closets! their trash always turns out to be my treasure. i, on the other hand, can never bring myself to give anything away. i always figure it will have potential someday down the road.

  3. I love the belt with that skirt. Adds so much for something so simple. I'm new to your blog but I know what you mean about people unsubscribing. But cheer up. I'm a new follower and I'll never leave you!

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  4. love this outfit chauce. so super chic. business interview or a special evening out!!

  5. you're so cute :) and I love the belt!

  6. very cute outfit! and lovely blog as well!

  7. I really love that belt, it's the perfect colour and I like the overlapped flap...

    Nice photos too: I wish I knew enough about cameras to have a lens to replace!


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