Style Files: Striped Rain

Dress-Old Navy, Bag-Fossil (thrifted), Shoes-Target
I wore this outfit for one very simple reason - it's blazing hot here and I needed something easy. That's also why my hair is in an unkept ponytail :D Oh the joys of summer!
This past weekend I headed to Jo-Ann Fabrics to pick out the fabric for my latest project.  I'm making a market tote out of canvas and I hope it goes well!  Only time will tell. 

These pictures were actually taken about 2 minutes before it started to bucket down rain! (Does that make sense?) I'm so thankful we got inside when we did because my Dad wasn't so lucky and was caught out in the storm and came in soaked to the bone!

Ps - Thanks for all your support with The Sketched!


  1. the heat and rain are killing me in my neck of the woods. it is so humid...ahhh. i am ready for fall. i am loving your other blog, The Sketched! xoxo

  2. I'm glad to hear you're liking the Sketched too! It's been fun discovering all these cute things to share :)

    I wish this humidity would go away!!

  3. Cute dress! That same storm ruined my taking pics. It happened right before I was about to go outside. Have fun with the tote project...can't wait to see it:-)

  4. I just barely got photos in today too...except half of mine did end up being in the rain! I love your bag, so cute!

    Sorry it's been awhile...I don't think I've commented on hardly ANY blogs lately (bad blogger!)


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