Style Files: Yesterday's Look

This is the outfit that I actually wore yesterday (Monday). I'm a little behind with the outfit posts so you might get a double post in the next day or so. Hope you don't mind! I also have some exciting news that includes a giveaway coming up soon, so make sure you keep checking back!
Skirt-Gap, Jacket-Gap, Top-Target, Shoes-Old Navy
Wow, this skirt looks even MORE wrinkled in pictures than it actually is! Sorry about that : ) And I also want to apologize for the visible bra straps in some of these pictures. I didn't realize they were showing until we were basically done with the shots, but we took a few more without the straps showing. Better learned for next time!
I absolutely adore the bow on this skirt! I have to tie it a little extra tight since it's slightly large on me, but I'm okay with compromising on things like this when it's just so darn cute : ) If I still had the receipt I would try exchanging the skirt for a smaller size but the trash was taken out last night and picked up this morning so it's a little too late for that!

But one thing that is strange about this skirt is that it's set up so the zipper is in the front with the bow.  The reason I know it's not the other way is because there are pockets and that's the only way they face forward. I think it's a little strange to have the seam in the front but oh well :D
The weather just seems to be getting worse and worse as we are approaching August, so I really only had the jacket on when I was inside and it quickly came off as I headed out to run errands. But I have a feeling that once fall comes around this jacket is going to be quite the regular. I was coveting it for the longest time but it was marked up to $98! So when it was on sale for $34 and in my size I took it as a sign. Did I forget to mention that it was the only one left as well?  Yes, I'm glad I went to Gap that day : )

By the way, I start my nanny job today so if you think of it please say a prayer that all goes well! Thanks for all your support, and by the way...hello to my new readers! I'm so glad to meet you : )

Have a great Tuesday!


  1. good luck today! love the outfit. i love that jacket. everytime i see it on gap online & i want to get it, but never do. xoxo

  2. ok, wow. my inner fashion sense spoke to me once more, haha. I had no idea these jackets were going to be so popular this fall but i bought one just like yours for like 2 bucks at a yardsale months ago on a whim. even though i never wear those kinds of jackets. And now i'm seeing them pop up everywhere as a fall must-have. Needless to say, i'm excted for fall to get here!

  3. i love when gap clothes go on sale. :) i've gotten some amazing pieces for ridiculously inexpensive!


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