Style Files: Gray, Not Blue!

I actually wore this outfit over the weekend (on Sunday) so sorry for the late pictures!  I'm still trying to catch up on the outfit posts. The occasion was church and then coffee with a friend.
As you know, I started my nanny job yesterday and let me just say that I feel so blessed!  The family is awesome and the three girls are so much fun! I can tell we're going to have a blast hanging out this summer : ) 
Dress-Francesca's, Shoes-TJ MAxx
So this dress is actually gray (as seen in the last picture) but it turned out blue in  all the other ones because I didn't realize the settings on my camera were a little bit wacked out.  So sorry for the strangely colored photos with a lot of grit and grime on them! I just didn't want to go out and take them all over again :D


  1. Beautiful dress. :) Awww I'm glad you're going to have fun with the kiddos!

  2. I was a nanny last summer and had a blast. You will too! And LOVE the dress.

  3. Thanks Leah!
    Heather - So far it's been a BLAST! I've nannied before and I love doing this job : )

  4. that is one cute dress! I love the detail on the hem!

  5. oh my goodness. i love Francesca's!! they have wonderful dresses. it look wonderful on you.

  6. oh my word, i need that dress in my life! ;)

  7. Elisabeth - Yes, think the detail on the hem is probably my favorite part : )
    Gee - I totally agree! They are my new weakness.
    Kelly Ann - you'd look lovely in it!


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