Weekend Series: Baseball Game!

*Note - The pictures in this post were from this past weekend.  Yes, it's Thursday and I'm still posting about last weekend : ) Hope you don't mind! I just want to get these pictures up here and the memories recorded so I can look back on them in the future.  Thanks for your patience!

Saturday night was the time when the city came alive this weekend. Okay, okay maybe not everyone loves baseball as much as I do, but the city WAS extra beautiful Saturday night! Maybe it had to do with winning the baseball game....
My whole family (and I mean Aunts, Uncles, cousins, and Grandparents) all came out to see the Barnstormer's head off the Somerset Patriots and end with a score of 9-6 Barnstormer's!
I know you gotta admit that have a name like Barnstormer's is a little strange and funny, but what do you expect from Amish county!
Wait a second, you don't know who the Amish are? I guess this means you don't know what shoe-fly pie is or whoopie pies! Hurry up and get some reading done about the Amish and their tasty treats and you'll be on your way for a visit soon.  Trust me, the tourists love this stuff!

I hope to be back soon with some more outfit posts!  Turns out that being a nanny doesn't exactly let you wear cute clothes.  It's more about what you don't mind getting dirty and smelly after 8 hours of playing outside and swimming.

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  1. gotta love a classic piece of americana--the baseball game!

  2. the sky looks INCREDIBLE. i love how vivid it is in the last photo! oohh, i know what whoopie pies are. those things changed my life the first time i had one. hahaha. ;)

    i also love the photo of the stadium seat with the water droplets on it!


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