Holy Smokes Look At That!

I am so sorry that I'm a little bit behind on the posting, but so much was done this past weekend that I'm still finding time to post about it all!  Here's another little snippet from last weekend : )
This past weekend I walked in a store that was taking part of Second Friday and saw
the biggest clock I've ever seen.
I could barely believe my eyes! 
It looks even bigger in person.  I knew I should have gotten a picture beside it!
The shop also had some pretty patterns and such that are giving me ideas for my next project.  Did I tell you that I've been working on my first skirt?  Hopefully it will be done soon and I'll post some pictures with it.


  1. Lovely photos! That clock look amazing:)

  2. I don't sew but the idea of making one is interesting :)

    that's quite a clock, it's nice to hang at the family room.

  3. Annalyn - I just started learning and it's addicting to make something that you can wear or something you could use in your home! I love the idea of having something completely unique.


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