Daily Life: BoBo and Trixie

The girls I nanny have a beautiful dog named BoBo.  Bo is actually a girl dog, super scared of me, but will eat treats out of my hand.  She barks incessantly but once I come inside she's okay with it.  Silly dogs :D
They also have a cute cat, Trixie. But all she does is sit in this chair all day long. I'm glad I'm not a cat!

This weekend I'm going to post a round up of all my favorite outfits from July so I hope you come back for that : )

Ps - What are your plans for the weekend?  Mine include working and my grandfather's 70th birthday.


  1. Wow 70th! That's awesome. :)

    I have absolutely no plans. Yay!

    Excited to see your round up.

    BoBo is so adorable. ^_^

  2. they're both adorable!
    the cat looks a lot like mine =]

  3. OH MY! they have such cute animals. you took some great photos of them as well.

  4. That cat makes me nostalgic... I used to have one who looked a lot like that, and she was awesome...

  5. these two are so cute! I tried to make Bodhi look at the photos but he just gave me a blank stare :)


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