Style Files: Setting Sun

Dress-Target, Top-Gap, Belt-Old Navy, Sandals-American Eagle, Bag-Fossil (thrifted), Sunglasses-Target, Watch-Target
*Drum roll please* .... Here are the first pictures take with my new lens!  What do you think? They were actually taken in a parking lot outside of the mall by the highway :D  Perfect place, right? It's all about location! Also, I know my face looks kind of strange in the second photo, but I blame in on the setting sun. Oh well.

I have some photos from my nannying job coming up next taken with my new lens so stay tuned! I promise you won't keep hearing about this new lens, but at this moment I'm still pretty excited : )


  1. Looove. I can't wait to see the nannying pictures and all that you do with the 50!

  2. These pictures are awesome. :) I love your stripes and your awesome belt!

  3. Ah, nannying sounds like such a fun job. Can't wait to see the pics. Love, love, love that belt by the way. Your pics look perfect with the new lens:)

  4. What kind of lens did you get? I am in the market for a new one...

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