Daily Life: Celebrating 70 Years

*Edit - I've been hesitating about posting these pictures because I wasn't sure if anyone would be interested but I figured why not.  Since you've already seen the outfit I wore to my Grandfather's 70th birthday party, here are some pictures from the night!
Saturday night we surprised my Grandfather (pictured above) with a party for his 70th birthday. I came late and missed the surprise since I was working but I heard he was shocked!
There were photographs scattered all throughout the tables and room.  There were even a few of me as a child. Oh my.... :D
*Quick question - When you upload pictures to your blogger post do the images seem to change color?  Mine are so different from what they are in my editor to what they upload as! It's frustrating.

But besides the picture glitch, the even went off smoothly and it's nice to dress up ever now and then : )


  1. What a lovely family you have. Grandparents are awesome. This looks like such a wonderful celebration for your grandfather. The pics turned out beautiful!

  2. awww your grandparents are so lovely together. i like how merry this family event is. everyone had fun. happy birthday to your grandpa! :)

  3. Wonderful pictures. It looks like a good time was had by all!

  4. Love the pictures, yay parties!

    I used to get so frustrated with Bloggers picture upload process. I always accidentally deleted mine while writing my post or editing it. So I started using Flickr to store all my photos and then copying and pasting the code into my posts. No more accidents and I could control everything a lot more. Not that it has anything to do with coloring of the photos, but it did make everything more enjoyable.

  5. aww I love family parties. Looks like your grandparents are awesome. Great pics as always:)

  6. Great pictures! Cute post and looks like you had a wonderful time :]

  7. I'm interested! I love family parties! Looks like everyone had a great time, and you're lucky your grandparents are still relatively young! My last grandfather is 93, I think, or thereabouts... ; )

  8. great photos... up close and personal... thanks for sharing!


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