Daily Life: The Coffee Shop Down The Street

Thank you all so much for the support of the etsy shop! I'm excited to tie up some loose ends and get everything ready for the opening on September 1st.  Remember that pre-ordering is available so just email me for details.

Until then here are some pictures from a past weekend.  I went to a coffee shop with a friend and it's quickly becoming my favorite spot.
Do you all have a certain place that you just love to go?  I preferably like my places to be smaller establishments, but I've been known to love Panera as well :) Here are some pictures from one of my favorite spots.  For the locals that read my blog you probably know where this place is, but please don't give it away!


  1. there's a coffee shop in hollywood that i LOVE. it's on sunset blvd and it's a total hippie/indie hang out. plus everything is organic which is a plus for me. and even in the middle of crazy, sometimes rude/obnoxious hollywood, the people who work there are SO friendly and sweet and take the time to have a conversation. i love looking at all of the old jars of loose leaf tea that you can buy... it's the yummiest tea ever! and, the biggest record store in america (amoeba records) is right across the street - it's magical. :)

  2. I love these pics...the lighting and content is beautiful. Is this in Lancaster? I don't recognize this shop. Can't wait to see your Etsy store, I'm eyeing that mustard colored scarf:)

  3. i enjoy taking coffee at places that feel like they aren't apart of the reality that surrounds them. I like this place in newport beach Called ALTA it's amazing right now during summer with the heat and outdoor patio seating.

    I'm actually in need of a 24hour coffee shop like such since I'm in a cramped apartment with my family. I like journaling and reading and sometimes I'm limited by the time set for barnes n noble. hehehe.

    love your blog.
    Im officially a fan<3


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