Style Files: A Simple Outfit

Top-It's actually my Blue Ruche Dress, Skirt-Gap, Shoes-Target, Bag-Fossil, thrifted
I had this outfit on back up for a day when I didn't have any style files to post.  Sorry guys but this one is just going to have to do for today :D Lately I've been lacking inspiration for ways on how to dress during the drenching hot months, but for some reason I keep on coming up with all these awesome ways to wear my wardrobe for the cooler months. I.E. Fall better get here soon or I'm going to have a wardrobe meltdown!


  1. I can relate to being uninspired too... it always seems to happen to me when the seasons are close to changing. Fall will be here before you know it!

  2. I can not wait for cooler weather but I always seem to have more clothing options in the summer. In the winter I like to wear a lot of sweats and layers. But I am loving this outfit. U can't go wrong with your cute black skirt!!! Xoox

  3. This is so relaxed looking and cute! I'm having the same issue--I'm completely ready to break out the fall looks, and I'm tired of remixing for summer!


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