Owls: Adding To The Collection

Last week I featured Wolf House Vintage on The Searched and Found. They even hosted a giveaway! This week I received these adorable owls in the mail. Most of you already know my affection for everything owl-related so I was beyond excited to introduce these little members to the family. (Yes, we are a family - don't judge).

Do you have little things you collect or adore?

Ps - My knits were featured in another treasury!


  1. ohgosh that's adorable.
    i want to start collecting something...but i need something to get me started with that collection! hehe

    xxoo elanor

  2. I'm also an owl trinket collector! These are so cute!

  3. I totally <3 owls too. :) If you look at my blog I even made an artfire collection (like an etsy treasury) of handmade owl stuff.

  4. Hehe Your family comment cracked me up.

    Those little owls are so sweet!


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