Daily Life: Just One More Scoop!

Sometimes I take my motto in life a little too seriously when it comes to ice cream. But one of my favorite family owned ice cream shops is right downtown and I can't resist the charms!

This night will forever be known as one of the last nights of summer in 2010. It perhaps holds some of the most precious memories. I will miss this summer.

Today is going to be an exhausting day. I work 11 to 9 but I am so very thankful for the hours. I'll be heading back to school at the end of the week and so far don't have a job.  Keep your fingers crossed for me!


  1. for some reason i am absolutely in love with the parking meter shot

    <3 gina

  2. These pictures are amazing~!! You're making me crave some ice cream! Good luck finding a job!

  3. This just made me hungry - looks delicious! Those pics of you w/ the ice cream are adorable:)


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