Style Files: The First Layers

Dress-Old Navy, Cardigan-Old Navy, Shoes-Clarks, Scarf-Target
Yesterday we got a taste of the cool weather and it was SO nice to be able to wear a scarf and a cardigan at the same time! It was nice to get a taste of what's to come : ) Although I'm trying to soak up the feeling of the sun as long as I can. I know I'll miss it eventually.

This week is my last week with the girls. For those of you who don't know this, I'm a nanny to three beautiful girls. I'm going to miss hanging out with them this semester!

I also have a lot to accomplish before I head back.  The laundry room is just calling me name, as well as big large boxes and bunches of things to pack in them. It's really not as bad as it sounds, it's just that packing and moving isn't the most fun to be had :D

Before I sign off for the night I wanted to say thanks for your support for the shop update :) You are the best.

Until next time!

Ps - Thanks so much to my new friends Annie and Rin for featuring Taylor House on their beautiful blogs! *Note - The mustard cowl was just added to this treasury on Etsy!


  1. love your hair up like that, and its nice to hear youre having some cool weather back at home :)

  2. Love the floral and stripe combination! Glad you are getting a taste of cooler weather. Today was a cool day for August here-it was 93.

    I love your Etsy shop!

  3. your scarf in beautiful i kinda wanna run to target..... RIGHT NOW haha

    i heart your style

    <3 gina

  4. I absolutely love scarfs and your scarf is just beautiful :)

  5. This whole outfit is perfect - i love everything about it:)

  6. That scarf if absolutely gorgeous. Please tell me you got it at Target recently and that it will be there if I want it too... :)


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