Every Eskimo Bag Came Today!

I was so beyond excited to receive this package from Every Eskimo. I actually saw this bag first over on Alison's blog where she posted about potentially buying it. But I saw that she posted the blog about a few hours earlier and it was still for sale so I snatched it up quick.  Sorry Alison, I hope you'll forgive me!
First off, I usually don't share my purchases on this blog, but I just adore how it came packaged! I'm always trying to think of creative ways on how to package the cowls I sell in my etsy shop and the people over at Every Eskimo have gotten it right! The adorable library card caught my attention right away.  So cute : ) Not to mention the bag was a steal & perfect for a trip to Israel! I can't wait : )

What have been some of your favorite stores and purchases from Etsy?


  1. oh i just love this! thats so cute how it came with pictures and a note.

  2. i just got the most beautiful shirt from

    i loove etsy!

  3. Ooh, I do love that bag. It's so chic and utilitarian at the same time!

  4. gee that's a brilliant bag.
    do they have more?? hhehe

    xxoo elanor

  5. i lovelovelove the bag, it's perfect!

  6. I love it!!!! I was wondering who'd purchased it. I hope you enjoy it! :)

  7. shucks! thank you so much for the wonderful post and i'm so glad you love this bag. it really makes me happy to think that it will be a partner on happy travels!

    you just made my day, thanks again. xo. regina


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