Style Files: The Striped Peach

You are probably wondering why I'm wearing a belt in the first picture and not in the second picture.  Half way through taking pictures I looked at them and really didn't like the look, i.e....this one...
Necklace-White Owl on Etsy, Jeans-Gap, Shoes-Target, Top-Francesca's, Belt-Vintage, Cardigan-Old Navy
So I added a belt and felt much better about it.  What do you think? I felt like the top was just a little too big and made me feel and look larger (and who really needs a top that does that in life??). It really did make me feel like a striped peach.

This past weekend was a good one. Friday night was a dance party with friends. I came home and fell asleep with the glow stick bracelet still on my arm. I was tired! But we had a great time.

Ps - I also have some exciting news! Tomorrow I'll be sharing with you a sneak peak to my fall shop update for my etsy shop. I've been working really hard on this and I can't wait to share it with you :)

How was your weekend?


  1. Sounds like a fun weekend. I spent mine in Philly. I love this outfit...the pop of the peach top w/ the striped cardi is really chic. And I do agree, I like it better w/ the belt. The necklace is also stunning. I'm excited to see your etsy shop:-)

  2. Thanks Emily, it's one of my favorites! White Owl is an awesome etsy shop.

  3. Looks much better with the belt, glad you made the addition. Also love the mix of peach and blue. I need a stripy cardigan, this one looks great on you!

  4. I love this top with the striped cardi! Adorable!

    <3 Kelly

  5. i love white owl... that necklace is darling!

  6. I love the look of the belt! I definitely need to work on adding some stripes to my closet.

  7. 1) I love that top & now must find a similar one.

    2) I like the top better belted as well, but I belt everything so I'm biased.

    3) I'm glad you had a good weekend! :)


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