While Abroad...

I've been on the backpack hunt for quite some time now (thank you all for suggestions and your help in deciding which one is the best!!) and I have to say that this one here is pretty awesome (I need to update my adjective use).  This is exactly how I want to dress while studying abroad.  I don't want to loose my personal style while abroad but I know I'll have to compromise on a few things.  But hopefully this backpack won't be one of them : )

Image from Still In Berlin


  1. very cute, and still looks functional! and i'm sure you will still be adorable even in another country haha

  2. Where are you going to study??? I must have missed all this. I studied abroad for a year, and it was absolutely fantastic!

  3. I'm studying abroad in Israel! Where did you study?

  4. My brother has an almost identical bag he uses for traveling that was used by someone in the Swiss Army. That thing is huge and sturdy.


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