Friend Friday

Katie from Modly Chic pulled together a fun weekly post called Friend Friday. It connects a bunch of bloggers who talk about a certain topic each Friday. I've been meaning to post my answers every Friday but just didn't have the time lately. So here are my answers for Friend Friday...on Saturday.
1. When it comes to outfit posts on your own blog, be honest are they what you actually wore that day?
Whenever I post pictures of outfits that are definitely what I wear that day. However, I usually post them a day or so late since I continue taking outfit photos on the weekend and I don't blog on the weekend. But yes, what you see is what I wear.

2. For a fashion blogger, working in a corporate environment can be tricky. How do you mesh your day job with your personal style choices?
Well, fortunately I don't have that problem just yet : ) I'm still a college student so I can basically dress however I want.  We do have a modesty code at my college but other than that it's all good to go.

3. When you get dressed in the morning, do you think what should I wear to work or what should I wear for the blog?
I would be lying if I said having a blog doesn't affect what I wear in the morning.  I truly love doing this because of the people I've be able to meet, so I definitely want to keep my content good, but I definitely don't try to become a totally different person or wear something I wouldn't just because the blog world would love it. I think that's why my style can be a bit normal at times. I have all these ideas floating around in my head, but I just can't seem to express them in the way I want to with my clothing.  And that is why I started this blog - it's a journey and a process of learning how to express myself through what I wear.
4. Do professionals you interact with ever make comments about your clothing choices?
Nope! I only see other students and professors :D However I do get comments from my girl friends and other people I know on campus, but so far there hasn't been any negative feedback (not that it's important if other people like what I'm wearing) at least that I know of.

5. Some bloggers openly admit to wearing outfits only for the blog post. What's your opinion on that?
I think it's totally okay if they are in an environment that they can't creatively dress (ex - the work environment). I also think it's fine if they're doing this because they just need a creative outlet.  The purpose of my blog is to show the journey towards shaping and developing my personal style, but if the purpose of their blog is to stretch them into being creative with outfits and to provide an outlet for creativity they otherwise don't have, then I'm totally fine with that.


  1. your such a classy little thang Chaucee :). I get soooo many compliments on my clothing because I work at a bank and I balance between my funky, edgy, spontaneous style and corporate America. In the beginning it was really difficult but then I started learning to feel comfortable with my outfit while also satisfying the rigidly boring lines of expression available.

    I'm also always getting looked at @ school because I enjoy not having to work and wearing something that matches my feeling for that day whether it be heels and leggings and a long shirt or a long Maxi dress baring my back with some lovely sandals. I don't think there is anything wrong with wearing bum-wear to school and I do it on occasion as well. I just really love wearing clothes and doing crazy and fun things.. It really is like any other art I believe.

    thanks for sharing!!

  2. Those are all great questions! I also only post outfits I wear out in public, but sometimes it's fun to see posts of "dress up" outfits, or something you wouldn't necessarily wear in the "real world."


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