Only Four Left!

For the longest time I couldn't find the mustard yarn for this cowl. I even checked online! But I finally got my hands on it and bought all the yarn they had in stock - all four of them. I even checked all the neighboring towns going up to an hour and a half away!

So right now there are only four left so if you want this mustard cowl visit the shop and snatch it up quick! I'm hoping to find this yarn again soon but as of right now this is all the yarn I can find in this color. So head on over and pick it up quick if you want it.

Good luck!


  1. ahh... lol my newest post has you and kelly ann blogs featured on it. you should check it out. I know it's a bit word heavy. ha ha but i made the part that features your lovely shop BOLD! so are sales going good hun?? Hopefully it is! love ya


  2. Just found your blog and love the look and feel! This scarf is great. It has be dreaming of cooler weather. - Katy


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