Ten Things I Like

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I was tagged by my friend Marissa of Shades of Monet to participate in a Ten Things I like blog tagging. So here's my list! I tried to do some different things this time around because I always seem to do the same list of things over and over again. So hopefully you've learned a new thing or two about me this time around.

*Disclaimer - It is now 2am and I've just finished working on a two page paper that took me 5 hours (the professor scares me that much!). So please excuse any grammatical errors. Just leave a comment and I'll fix it.  Thank you dears : )

1. Photography
Well I guess this one isn't entirely new to my faithful readers. I love taking pictures and enjoy telling a story. I'm still working hard and learning how to do this but I hope to go to photography school after I graduate with my degree from my 4 year college!

I have a Canon 450D and I use a sigma 50mm and a 28-70mm f 2.8. (Thanks Adalie! :D).

2. Christmas
Christmas pretty much rocks my socks. Yeah. It's the beat to my rhythm and the cheese to my wiz.  I'd even go so far as to make a fool of myself by using dated sayings to express my love for Christmas!

It's the one day of the year that I can't get enough.  You better be ready for my insane Christmas posting this year! I'm already gearing up! Get excited.

3. Knitting
Sometimes I'll go in spurts when I get SO sick of knitting and don't knit for 6 months at a time, but lately I've been enjoying it again.  There's something therapeutic about it and I love having something to do during boring movies.

I also have my own etsy shop Taylor House where I sell cowls (favorite winter accessory ever!). Ps - Sorry for the shameless plug faithful readers, you guys have so much patience with me!

4. Great Food
Sometimes having a love for great food can be a good thing but also a bad thing (hello diet, where did you go?). I'm pretty picky when it comes to food, and I'm not really good at trying new things. When I find something at a restaurant I tend to order it every single time, or every other time. Yeah, I'm boring.

5. Israel
This place will always hold a special spot in my heart. I am so excited to be heading back to Israel. If you've been keeping up with my Israel posts then you already know how stoked I am about this trip!

6. Blonde
Yup, that's right! I'm a natural blonde but I dyed my hair for the first time last year and love being brunette.  At times I miss being blonde but I definitely am enjoying the darker side of life. I will probably go back to my lighter color in the spring time (everyone loves a new look, right?) but until then we'll have another winter with chocolate locks.
As I think of this now, is it possible to like blonde? I guess I could say I like being blonde but I also favor brunette.  Did I mention it's two in the morning?

7. Ice Cream
My mother claims that I'm allergic to wheat and dairy but I don't believe a word of it.  But perhaps that explains the freshmen 15 I got two years ago...Hmmm.

Either way ice cream is one of my favorite side effects of a great meal : ) Best idea ever!

8. Lancaster Life
I live in a little county that's growing to be not so little any more. However we still have adorable farm shows, fairs, cute Amish kids on scooters, and our fair share of shoe fly pie and whoopie pies.  What? You don't know what those are?! It's just a little slice of Paradise.

9. Creative
I love going to places where you can paint pottery. However my friends claim that they come there to chat and paint pottery, but I just get too involved in my masterpiece that I just can't be social. All for the sake of genius, right?

10. Coffee
Yeah, I went there.  The classic "I love coffee" co-out. I guess now would be the good time to say I also like to read literature, wearing a smoking jacket, and sit in a library for fun. Okay, well minus the last two but the rest is totally true!

Ps - Hazelnut is my favorite flavor.


  1. aww how great! did you take these photos? :)
    love it!

    xxoo elanor

  2. i love this list, you are so CUTE!!
    I want to learn how to knit soo badly.
    i attempted to crochet a few months ago & the outcome was embarrassing.
    I think you look gorgeous w/ brown hair & ice cream is my love.haha
    do you like coldstone? mmm

  3. Yes I do! I just had some last night :D Haha

  4. haha..you're soo funny at 2 in the morning! Lack of sleep seems to do that to the brain, now doesn't it??

  5. This was a really fun post! Maybe I will do one as well...hmmm.


  6. Yes you should definitely do one!

  7. Even for 2 in the morning, this is a great list:) Seriously cute photos. I'm an icecreamaholic as well. I think I eat a bowl almost every day.


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