Style Files: Gold Touches

Top-Gap, Sweater-Gap, Jeans-Old Navy, Heels-TJ Maxx
This week has been nothing short of insane. No time to blog, no time to take pictures, and hardly time to sleep!  But what can I say, I'd rather stay busy then have nothing to do : )

So in the five minutes that I do have today I'd like to share this outfit with you. Right now this sweater is one of my favorite to wear.  It's super soft and cosy. This top is also a recent favorite because of the gold applique at the neckline.  So pretty!  It's really the details that get me.  I originally wore this outfit with sandals but then threw on some heels because I needed a little pick-me-up. Interesting, right? :D

Well I hope you all have a wonderful Thursday and I'll hopefully post something tomorrow! Have a great day : )


  1. Stripes and more stripes! I really like that gold applique on the top too!

  2. your so pretty!! your t-shirt is adorable and i don't do the Capri length because of my knock knees so I always am happy for others when they rock em. haha love you girl!

  3. you are so cute.
    i love that shirt...stripes go with everything.
    i totally agree..i would rather be busy than bored!:)

  4. I love how you put stripes with (bigger) stripes! This works so well! I'll definitely steal this look ;)
    You look adorable in your pics! Have a lovely evening!


  5. I love the top! - Very cute. Even w/ little sleep, you still look gorgeous:) Hope you are able to catch up on the sleep and get some relaxation this weekend.

  6. love all the stripes. :) i don't wear heels too often, but i notice that they instantly make me feel a little happier when i do wear them! so fun.

  7. you are so darn cute, i probably tell you i love your hair in every comment i leave, right? hehe

    that sweater is nice!

    i agree, heels are an instant pick me up


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