Style Files: Girls Play Football

Dress-Old Navy, Shoes-Target, Cardigan-Target, Belt-Express
The day I took these pictures I was a little stressed out by the heat wave we've been having.  It's hard to walk around campus up and down and up and down and all over the place with a 40lb backpack sweating to high heaven. That just makes a person cranky some times :D

I can't wait until Fall comes around because I want to be able to see all these beautiful people wearing some of my cowls! I totally love it when people buy them and send me pictures of them wearing the cowl. It's nice to see they find good homes and are put to lots of use : )

By the way, did you hear of this young lady who joined the football team and helped lead them to victory?  She was responsible for 5 of the points that was the buffer between her team and the other team ultimately resulting in their victory. How awesome is that?


  1. i am soooo happy the heat is coming to an end! i love the cooler weather :)

    i love the way you belted this dress.

  2. girl power! she rocks, so proud of her and the fact that she kicked total butt! i love football, so this story made my day!

  3. love the frill on the front of your dress (:
    and yay! good on her :D see, girls are amazing

  4. Oh girl, you're preaching to the choir haha! I have to walk all over campus in this heat and it's ridiculous!

    And I think you should wear blue all the time, it's just gorgeous on you!

  5. Very adorable dress! And, yup, I'm from the Philly area! I live out closer to New Hope, but my boyfriend lives right outside of center city, so I'm in that area a lot as well. I love finding Philly bloggers - gotta represent! Also, I saw you had made some circle scarves for your shop - do you take custom orders?


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