Style Files: It's Good To Be Back

This weekend included visit from the family, tennis matches, shopping for the apartment and a visit to the beach! Even though not much homework was done I still am glad to have had the time away from campus.

Last Friday was the first time since being back at school that I actually wore something remotely cute. So of course I roped in my room mate Ellen (who took some of my style photos last semester) to head out to a local neighborhood to snap some shots.

This week will include some heavy studying, paper writing and decorating. I'm excited! How was your weekend?


  1. I love that collar (necklace?), it's so cute! And you look lovely, as always! :)

  2. Gorgeous pics. I love that cardi! And the necklace is divine.
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

  3. i think i am a little slow.
    i just realized you changed your hair color.
    i love that necklace. it is amazing.

  4. ughh I have not completed ONE hw assignment for this holidays tasks. I am in soooo much trouble and will be officially pulling my first all night 2 weeks into schoool. But it was a blessing nonetheless because I got to spend time with some amazing sisters in Christ and have amazing laughs, hugs, and cries together. Seriously though I have soooo much homework. hahaha


    p.s I like the blue top against your skin tone. So pretty!

  5. i love the colors of this outfit. i think goldish yellow and navy look so nice together. But anyways you look so cute and im so jealous you have someone to take your photos while away at school! I still have yet to find someone who would for me

  6. I love how you put this look together. The cardi, blouse, necklace, pants all just work so well. Lovely color palette also. Best wishes on the paper writing and studying:)

  7. cuuute! love the cardi, and the necklace is awesome. lookin good, lady!

  8. this outfit looks SO comfy... and the necklace is the perfect finishing touch.

  9. 1) Your hair looks FABULOUS
    2) I love this outfit - especially the yellow and navy colour combo
    3) You're so purdy Chaucee :)
    4) I should really add you to my blogroll already!!!


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