Style Files: Girl in the Red Shoes

Dress-Old Navy, Cardigan-Target, Belt-Express,Shoes-Target
As you can see, I wasn't really feeling it today. It was burning hot, I was wearing a sweater, I just came from a meeting in a hot smelly small room, and I needed to rush back to get to class. All of these elements combined into one rushed outfit takes and a very patient room mate.
Lately I've been going to a lot of meetings to learn more about different groups on campus. I'm determined to get more involved this year and I hope this means more things to put on the calender!

I'm still trying to see how much time I'll be able to dedicate to blogging but I hope it all works out. We've had a good relationship so far so I don't want to stop : )

Have a great Tuesday!


  1. god never gives us more than we can handle :)! your outfit was adorable and there is definitely a club for you on campus!

  2. You look beautiful as always. I love those shoes. Have fun finding a club on campus:)

  3. thank you for the nice comment you left! it made me smile. =] hehe. but anways your outfitsare an inspiration to me too! i love the colors you put together in your outfits. those red shoes are amazing


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