Surprise Night: A Phillies Game!

Can you tell what I did this weekend?  That's right, we headed to the ballpark to watch the Phillies win against the Nationals! Hot dogs and peanuts were heavily involved. Chad came up to surprise me and brought along his sister Jess and her boyfriend Todd. It's fun to get away from campus and enjoy some quality time with people that really make you laugh.
Afterwards we headed for dinner at our favorite restaurant nearby...Nifty Fifty's! They have the BEST bacon cheese fries I've ever had in my life. Simply amazing.

The whole night was one big ball of fun. I'm so glad to have such positive people in my life that turn me back to God and keep me on track : )

I hope you all had such a fun weekend as well!


  1. Looks like you had a great time at the game! Your hat is adorable, and those bacon cheese fries look delicious :)

  2. I love going to the phillies games! seems like you had a great time. i love the pictures you took. oh and that hat looks adorable on you!

  3. amen! to those spirtual brothers and sisters we get that help remind us of our common love which is in CHRIST. could never have enough of those! lol I love these pictures. they're so crisp!!? Did you take them with the heavy duty camera of yours..? P.s. you have an amazing little dimple on the right side of your face that I am assuming melts many hearts... ha ha


  4. i love sports games. they're so much fun, and so much better than watching them on tv!

    but what do i love most of all? FRIES. i'm obsessed with them. they're my weakness. maybe more than dark chocolate. so. so. GOOD.

  5. I LOVE baseball! I'm not much for watching it on TV, but actually going to the games is the best! You are so adorable and those fries look mmm mmm so good :) Looks like an incredible evening with incredible people!

  6. @ Heather Grace - I am totally the same way. Watching it on TV is awful, but in person it's much more interesting!

  7. oh i love baseball games.
    beautiful are so cute in your hat.
    looked like a wonderful time. :)

  8. Hey!! I found your blog by reading back through Kelly Ann's blog (The Flowerchild Dwelling)and I just had to say hi! I lived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania my whole life until February when I moved to Louisiana. Nifty Fiftie's was one of m my favorite restaurants!! :)


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