Style Files: The Clicker!

Dress-Marshall's, Top-Gap, Cardigan-Gap, Belt-Target, Shoes-Target
As you can see, I'm pretty excited about my clicker.  Is that even what they're called?  Either way, I'm STOKED! Now I can try my hand at taking my own photographs. I can't promise they're going to be amazing or anything but I'll try my best.

I wore this shirt just the other day, but it's just an honest reflection of how a normal girl has to repeat clothes over and over again. I really don't think anyone cares at my college either so that's good : )

This "skirt" is actually this dress just folded down. I put a belt around it to make sure it stayed up.  The outfit was actually pretty comfortable which is a great thing (always props to being comfy).

Also, on Thursday I'll be posting my top ten picks for Fall. This list will consist of items I want to add to my own personal wardrobe this season. In the meantime please be thinking about what would be on your own top ten list because I would love to learn what you're loving this season!


  1. 1st. gosh. I am obsessed with how amazing you look in that skirt/dress. I think long flowy skirts are a MUST to add to your fall wardrobe. you look gorgeous.
    2nd. college is all about wearing the same outfit over and over again (I won't tell you that I've been alternating between the same two outfits since last week - excuse: apartment fire. haha)
    3rd. I am dying to add a belted jacket/coat and a pair of long, flare (dark wash) denim jeans to my wardrobe. both of which I've spotted at the Gap...but I am waiting until I unexpectedly come into a sum of cash. haha.

  2. let me know when you run into that unexpected sum of cash - i'd like to know where i can get some too!

  3. I love wearing dresses as skirts! Your whole look is awesome! Yay for the clicker thingy!

  4. oh my gosh i LOVE this outfit on you. the highwasted long dress/skirt makes you look so tall and beautiful. i just love it! and im so jealous of your remote/clicker thingy, i need one of those!

  5. the long skirt looks really wonderful on you.
    i feel i can never wear them because i have shorter legs. :)
    i also love this location for your photos.

  6. @Gee - I totally think you could pull it off! I'm only 5'4" and I just wore some wedges so I could pull off this look. you should try it!

  7. you look so incredibly classy! the long skirt is simultaneously glamorous and casual, and you look so ladylike.

    number one on my wishlist right now is a pair of basic black t-strap maryjanes as seen in the dear creatures fall lookbook (but heeled, of course). i also want an oversized navajo print sweater and some furry jeffrey campbell clogs.

  8. that room that you're in is fantabulous! i LOVE the second picture. it kinda reminds me of a photo that would be in a 1970s magazine (which is totally a good thing by the way)

  9. What a beautiful outfit! I love the color and style of that skirt! <3

  10. love this outfit a lot. it might be one of my favourites of yours! :)

    may i ask where you got your remote? a friend gave me one earlier this year (but it wasn't wireless), and it stopped working after two weeks. lame.

  11. this is sooo adorable. i lovelovelove this whole look.

    long skirts are becoming my favorite! it's really thoughtful that you used this dress as a skirt here!

    xx E

  12. OH and one more thing,
    you're so lucky that you have a remote now!
    i SERIOUSLY need to get one! heheee

  13. Absolutely fabulous!
    I heart striped T-shirt and yours are great!


  14. Oh my goodness, I just took a flying leap into my closet to dig out the maxi dresses I'd stored away as "summer" wear, found a belt and recreated (AKA copied) this look-- thank you so much for the inspiration! You look lovely!


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