Crazy Sweater Sales

Did you know that Old Navy is having an AMAZING sale on a lot of their sweaters right now? I can't believe they put them on sale this fast! It's craziness! I already see a few that I love and this is just a small selection.

I'm definitely going to have to replace my yellow cardigan since it got stained in the wash by a pair of jeans, so we'll see if I pick up the mustard solid one pictured above.


  1. I went by Old Navy yesterday and their sweater sale is just amazing! I bought a lovely little argyle cardigan and didn't even feel like I'd made a dent in my wallet. Days like that are wonderful. :)

  2. Gah I wish I had an Old Navy somewhere close to me!

  3. I love the mustard cardigan......


  4. Wow, I must check these out! I love the first two.

  5. love the sweaters for fall and winter.. leggings, sweaters, hats OH MY! I'm excited to see others wearing the lovely seasonal additions when we actually get FALL out here in California. WE have had 100 degree weather and rain all at the same time. While the leaves are changing and hitting 90 degree pavement. So crazy.. Love you honey


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