Style Files: Starting To Feel Like Fall

Boots-Target, Top-Gap, Coat-Target, Jeans-Target
The past couple day have been nothing but rain (which I love). I finally was able to break out my new boots, which, if you remember, made it on my top ten picks for fall list. I'm wearing all of my favorite pieces right now.  This cargo coat is so perfect and functional. I love the pockets it has and the inside lining which keeps me warm.

But please tell me, how was your weekend? For some reason I really love hearing about everyones plans because I love sharing things like that with friends! I hope you all had a splendid weekend.  Mine was full of adventure, some of which was good and some not so good but we got through it : )

I have some really awesome posts coming up this week so stay tuned!


  1. i <3 fall :)

    p.s cute boots!!!!!

    i <3 target too hehe

  2. I love your jacket so much! Jeez, Target rules.

  3. Thanks girls! It makes me day when you comment : )

  4. it's raining here, too, and i LOVE it!! :)

  5. I love those boots! My black ones are packed away somewhere I can't find...maybe a good excuse to pick up a pair like these:-). Gorgeous shoot..the scenery is outstanding. My weekend was spent traveling south and at the beach. Hope yours was just as lovely:-)

  6. weekend adventures:
    taking the Amtrak home for a photoshoot with Brooke Courtney Mousetis (promo for the new Walk In Love fall tee line!!)
    what did you do??

  7. I love this outfit, GO Target! I am a little bummed though because as you know I am going to be living in Canada for a little while and they don't have Target, it is an outrage!

  8. ok. I need those boots. The nearest Target is only about 8 hours away!


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