Style File: Leaves Are Chrunching

This past weekend marked the start of fall break. We kicked things off with a sweet coffee house, and then moved on to a wedding Saturday night.  Now I'm home safe and sound and ready to start a (hopefully, but doubtful) restful weekend. When you invite 10 friends to come back home with you over break, restful isn't exactly the word I would picture.

Hope you all have a wonderful Monday!
Please tell me about your weekend adventures : )


  1. I love this dress and the color of those tights! Hope your break is, in fact, restful :)

  2. you look so flipping cute.
    i love this. i am going to be so sad when fall is gone.
    have a wonderful break and get lots of rest!!!

  3. sigh....this post makes me sad that we dont have target even more. That dress is gorgeous. I love that colour!

  4. I've seen dresses just like that one in Target recently, and they are just so pretty! Love it with the boots + tights.

  5. you're adorable! i love this dress and cardigan.
    great colors, too!

    hope your week IS restful!!

    xx elanor

  6. This dress is absolutely beautiful. I am in love with the whimsical feel of it.. I'm tempted to buy it myself:-) Oh and the headband...gorgeous!! Enjoy your break!

  7. i'm loving all the gray:)

  8. that headband is super pretty!

  9. you look gorgeous in your picture! sorry I have been reading your blog and not leaving much love so I apologize! I pray your fall break goes amazing though :). A while back you posted an awesome picture of you at a coffee shop although you were not in the picture. I just wanted you to know that picture and the feeling it gave me really inspired me and I have since started trying different coffee shops out of my comfort zone (or just out of the norm for me) and enjoying all that they have to offer and it has lead me to really start enjoying COFFEE since I am much more of a latte/espresso chick. lol kk well I'm done with talking about myself on your blog. love you darling



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