Style Files: In The City

I can't tell you how excited I am with this cold weather. Layers upon layers is my best friend and we have finally been reunited. I hope this lasts for a long time!

Yesterday was a fun day. We spent some time in the city and then came home and did fun things around the house. I was able to get to bed at a decent hour which was nice.

Today is the last day of Fall Break and I'm finishing up my laundry before I head home. I can't wait to go back to sleep - I thought break was about catching up on it!


  1. I love that headband, I'm working on making some of those for myself. You always look so comfy and casual in such a perfect way! Love it!


  2. Gorgeous, as always!! I love your boots and scarf.

  3. I love this outfit and these pictures. So lovely and Autumnal! And you are one driven girl; every time I come back here there's about three new posts!

  4. I love the headband and the boots. I found your blog from One Pearl Button, I adore it. :)

  5. beautiful.
    i love the scarf and the headband in this is so sweet.
    i can not believe it is from marshalls i can never find anything there..i need to look harder.

  6. i love the scarf and jacket.
    you're beautiful! :)

    xx elanor

  7. I love those boots! Heading to the Delia's website right now!

  8. headband and scarf stood out the most to me. i like mucho sister.. ♥cheche

  9. I LOVE your outfit, you are wearing my fav things jeans, boots and scarves :)

  10. you look sooo adorable girl!! i LOVE your striped cardigan and hair accessory!

  11. I love that you have your own personal style, and don't spend a fortune on designer clothes! Keep the inspiration coming!



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