Style Files: Going To the Chapel

Weddings are always such joyous times.

This is what I would wear if I went to a wedding.

Just so happens that I went to a wedding this past weekend (yes I'm posting this a week late, whoops!) and had a blast in my purple tights and my new dress from the clearance section of Target ($15 bucks baby!).

Here's to life and happiness!

Also, I hope you have a lovely weekend : ) Mine is going to be busy driving home, celebrating a birthday, and then driving back in time for the school Hoedown! See you monday : ) 


  1. i love the yellow and black together! lovely:)

  2. Love this! The black accessories give a great edge to your look!

  3. Such a steal on the target dress, the outfit is perfect!

  4. I'm so glad you like old rustic sheds! I think I need a nice fitted blazer like yours, give an added something to a flowy dress.

    on a side note, I love the white stripes on your walls! see what I did there? haha


  5. oh my goodness..i love that dress. you always find the best things at target. i can never find anything.
    you look beautiful!!!!
    have an amazing weekend love.

  6. This is sooooo lovely. I love these colors together - the dark tights and light shoes...perfection. You look gorgeous dear:-) To answer your question, my hubby and I both graduated from Valley Forge Christian College...not too far from PBU:-) Have safe travels back to school. xx

  7. target clearance section is the best!! you look so lovely, sweetie. <3


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