Style Files: Lacey Loose

This outfit is a great example of why I shop at Target. Everything I'm wearing (including my underwear - whoops, was that too much?) is from Target. Well, except for my coat and scarf, but I wear those with every outfit so it doesn't count. :D
This is one of my new favorite tops. It's big and loose and makes me feel thinner than I really am.  Score!

Also last night I went to a Lifehouse concert and it was AMAZING! They put on SUCH a great show and played all of my favorite songs. If you could see anyone in concert who would it be?  For me I think it would be either Zooey Deschanel (classic) or Duffy.


  1. You're adorrrable! <3 I love that top!

    She & Him is amazing in concert but I have to say the Yeah Yeah Yeah's are by far my favorite! I saw them last fall and it was incredible... I would kill to see them again!

  2. Lifehouse is awesome! And I want your boots. I may hunt ya down and steal 'em! :-)

  3. mine would be Pink Floyd.

    those boots are amazing.
    i have not seen them in my Target..but i live in WV and the one here is quite horrible.

    have a great thursday love.

  4. oh i love that lace top!! it is so pretty and those boots are awesome, i really wish we had target in Canada!! and i love lifehouse!!

  5. I love this layered favorite thing is how you mixed together a bunch of different textures!

    Also I'm quite liking how the colours turned out in your pictures! So Pretty

  6. I love the lace's gorgeous! And your scarf and boots are lovely and make me envious of cooler weather.

    I don't shop at Target for one simple reason: I will go broke the moment I step in one! It's so tempting to buy tons of things when I go there.

  7. You look so cute! I love the lace top and cardigan together!

  8. Cute! I have some old lace curtains that I've been thinking of sewing into a lace tee - maybe this weekend?

    Hmm...hard time travel allowed? If so, I would see Bowie in the late 70s. If not, it would have to be Camera Obscura!

  9. LOVE that top! It looks great on you :)
    Right now, I would LOVE to see Mumford and Sons. I can't stop listening to them!

  10. lifehouse. <3 gosh, i haven't heard anyone talk about them a long time! i love them. i remember when their "no name face" album came out years & years ago, i was obsessed with it!

    zooey is so much fun in concert - talk about charming and adorable! i really wanted to go to the mumford & sons concert here in L.A. this week, but tickets sold out so fast. :(

  11. Gorgeous top. I'm a sucker for all things lace:-) I'm pretty much so a Targetoholic. Gosh, I love that store. Lifehouse...sounds fun. My hubby saw them at the TLA in Philly like 7 years ago. I think Arcade Fire would be on my list of bands I want to see next.


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