Style Files: It's Fall Break!!

For those who have been following for a little bit might have seen this outfit before, but let's pretend we're starting over : )

Here's an outfit I wore to the fair a little while back. But please just pay attention to the delicious chocolate shake and the caramel apple.  They are the REAL stars of this outfit. This blog is all about honesty.

Have a great Friday!
Ps - Today is the first day of Fall break! I can't wait to go home and sleep.


  1. i LOVE carmel apples.
    best thing about fall hands down.
    i actually ate one last night!!!

  2. What a fun, easygoing outfit for a fun place. I love caramel apples -- they are one of the best parts of going to the fair. Well, besides the rides and funnel cakes!

    Loved seeing your feature on the Upside of Wonder!

    - JoAnn

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  3. mmmmm, i want a caramel apple SO bad. have a relaxing fall break, dear!

  4. Such a cute top! I love caramel apples SO much! My favorite!

  5. I think it's perfectly acceptable to repeat outfits! But yes, clearly the apples are the real star here! Hehe


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