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Okay, I know that I posted yesterday AND I'm posting today (I usually try to stay away from posting on the weekends) but I just want to know what you think!

Can I tell you again how much I appreciate you?  I hope it doesn't seem too much because we're still getting to know each other and all, but in the long run I hope we can become friends : )

While we're figuring out the important stuff (like what's your favorite color and who was your first know, life changing stuff) would you mind filling out a little survey for me? I want to work at bringing good content to Streets and Stripes but also want a chance to share what's on my heart. So I thought a survey might help!

Thanks for your input!


  1. Of course I love visiting your blog because it offers a little bit of everything- all which I enjoy reading very much. Thanks for such a sweet comment yesterday. I can't wait to see your outfit post on Monday:-).

  2. I enjoy your outfit posts and glimpses into your life the most :)

    Also, my favourite colour is blue and my first kiss was very odd :D

  3. I'm shallow; I voted for more Style Files :)

  4. i am a sucker for outfit post. you are just to darn pretty not to have them. xoox


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