Style Files: Night On The Town

This is the outfit I wore the other night when I had that night on the town I was talking about. I hung out with Chad and we went to the Olive Garden, then did some Christmas shopping, and the ended the night with some pie and coffee at our favorite cafe. Definitely a good night : )
 (This is me running to check the settings on the camera to see how the pictures were turning out...but Chad was still rolling :P).
And as always here is Chad being my stand in while I adjust the settings. He asked me if I wanted to see one of my blog poses and I think he did pretty good! :P
This outfit is inspired by my favorite Marissa from Shades of Monet.  She has the most LOVELY style of them all.  She always wears the cutest doll dresses and wear large bows in her hair...and get this, she works at a school! How awesome is that?  I got this bow at a local store in my town called Love Illuminati. Their store is SO inspiring and they have so many great things. I'll be doing a post on them later so stay tuned!
I also am super proud of this skirt (just look past the wrinkles for a second - I swear I ironed it before I took the pictures). I bought it at Goodwill but it was too long to be flattering, so I hemmed it. It's the first skirt I've ever hemmed (so admittingly the hem lines are super straight) but it's not the last!

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  1. Goodness me, Chaucee these photos are stunning!! You look gorgeous, I madly adore your whole outfit, striking scarf, and you know I want that bow:-)

    You are so sweet - your kind words made me smile. Thank you:)

    Now if only I could get the whole layering thing down - I can do a post inspired by you. (I eventually will). Funny thing is the other day my hubby said I need to do a casual outfit/scarf post and the first thing I thought of was, I'm gonna have to run to your blog to get my layering skills down. (No lie). I pretty much so stink at it.

    Have a great day darling! xx Marisa

  2. Both you and your stud are ADORABLE. Love the layered whimsy of this outfit. And these pictures are beautiful!! Also where are they taken b/c I'm moving in. I'm totally saving the last shot on my computer as inspiration (but since I told you it's not so creepy, right???).

  3. Love your scarf :)

    Very classy pose impression :D. Outfit bloggers, we're not predictable at all. Lately, I seem to rely mainly on "the stork" - one leg up against the wall. Yep. There always seems to be a wall lately. :D

  4. these pictures are beautiful and you are even more beautiful. :)
    the husband ALWAYS makes fun of my posing..
    i love love love the scarf you paired with this outfit. it's perfect.
    have a great week love.

  5. I'm pretty much obsessed with bows, and I think you nailed it! The bigger the bow the better, I say. Just stumbled upon your blog, and it's too cute. Feel free to stop by and say hello some time.

  6. i love your hair bow, darling. :)

  7. What beautiful architecture...sometimes I wish I lived somewhere where I could look at something other then sheds and fields, haha! What a cute outfit and high five for the hem, youll be makin dresses in no time!


  8. Oh my goodness, i love this outfit and these photos so much! So perfect!
    That scarf is so cute, and so is the hair bow, and so is the whole thing! :)

  9. You two both look gorgeous. I love that he is into your hobby. So supportive!
    You can definitely pull off that bow. Not everyone can, so be proud. I, for one, would look like Minnie Mouse. You look chic.

    The Auspicious Life

  10. You're lovely !

  11. This post is really cute! I love your skirt, and for some reason, in these pics you remind me of Blair Waldorf on Gossip Girl...she is precious...

    Oh, and your boyfriends photo made me laugh because my hubs does the same thing (mimics my blog poses)!!

  12. I've actually never seen that show! I had to google to see who you were referring to :P Haha.


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