You know, I started out this blog not having very high hopes for it. I wanted a place to take pictures of what I was wearing and see if I could do this whole "fashion" thing. I didn't expect to meet such great people along the way. So this is why I'm hosting a giveaway.  To say thank you for your kind words, support, and comments.  They mean a lot to me!

The winner of this giveaway will receive The Classic Cowl in Sky Blue from my etsy shop Taylor House.
So to enter this giveaway it's very simple.  Tell me one thing you like seeing on this blog, and tell me one thing you wish you'd see more of on this blog in a comment below.  Make sure there is a way I can contact you (email preferable).

Extra Entries:
1. Leave an extra comment if you blogged about this giveaway (leave a link to the blog post).
2. Leave an extra comment if you tweeted about the giveaway (leave a link to the tweet).

You have until Friday 11/19 to enter.  Best of luck!


  1. I love your outfit posts. They give me such great ideas. I think it would awesome if you did posts about a certain accessory or article of clothing. Like you could have a post dedicated to how to wear scarves or the best sweaters of the season and what to wear them with.

    Thanks for doing this!!! :D

  2. My tweet:!/mandyfmcknight/status/4389079495999488

  3. I honestly love everything you blog about, but I do enjoy seeing your outfits when I do my daily blog reading. I'd love to see more daily life posts!

  4. *love* that sky blue color - absolutely beautiful!

    the fact that your clothes are from really affordable places is great.

    and, I'd love to see more jewelry.



  5. i like seeing your outfit posts, and also, i love seeing your regular photos. :) you are a talented photographer.

    what i would like to see more of... like heather grace, i'd love to see more daily life posts! it always is so fun to read about the occurrences in other's lives...:)

    i'd SO love to win one of your cowls! they all look so amazing and cozy.

    xx elanor

  6. I just would love to see more outfits! I have recently started to follow your blog (via bookmark) and have found a lot of inspiration on your outfits, they give me so many ideas on how to put my outfits together as well.
    Your blog is great and you always look so cute!

    The cowl is awesome, I love cowls!

    Nury77 at live dot ca

  7. I tweeted your giveaway here:

    Nury77 at live dot ca
    Thank you for the wonderful giveaway! :)

  8. I like seeing everything on this blog, your cute outfits and photography.
    hmmm...what would I like to see more of? I don't even know, You have a nice well rounded blog already! I'll keep thinking though

    Maybe I can add another cowl to my newly started collection!


  9. I love seeing your daily outfits -- you have such great style! I'd love to see more!

    redheadrockstarJB (at) gmail (dot) com

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  10. eeeep! i love the colour of this one!

    i have to second heather, i love seeing your outfits - and would love to see more daily life posts!

  11. where to begin.
    1. it feels surreal to have been a part of Streets&Stripes when it was just a baby - now you're all grown up & successful.
    2. if I didn't have to budget for groceries & heating bills, I would've purchased this cowl a long time ago.
    3. favorites: your life posts - it makes me feel like we're 'catching up' and of course your outfit posts!!
    4. more of: a "lookbook" component...take a piece of clothing/accessory and dress it up and down, show us three looks incorporating the same piece AND maybe keep us up-to-date with sales & bargains happening at your favorite stores on the web??
    5. xoxo

  12. tweeted!!!/nnmarie


  13. What I love love love is the outfits you create are for every day no matter what the weather may be. I know a lot of people throw sweats on when it rains but your outfits can work either way. You have a really great eye for fashion! What I would like to see more of is jewelry, headbands, stuff of that nature. Keep up the good work!!

  14. i'd love to see more outfit posts! please enter me, what a fab giveaway :) X

  15. oh chaucee...what i love about your your beautiful face & your amazing layering skills! & what i want to see more is outfit post of course. :)

    ohhhh i hope i win..i have been wanting one your beautiful cowls for are so talented. <3

  16. i tweeted love.!/andsoitis_love

  17. what a great giveaway. i love your blog because i love your easy going style. i also love all the details you put into them and the narrative you tell about each outfit. i would just say keep doing what you are doing because its great!

  18. I really like that you tell use where you get your clothes from!! It gives hope that I can look cute and have tons of different looks without spending five gazillion dollars!


  19. I love seeing your outfits you put together, they are always so cute! And I'd love to see more of your photography. Thanks for the giveaway!


  20. That color is amazing! Love it. I really love all of your outfit posts, but I think the "lookbook" idea from one of the previous comments would be really neat.

  21. hey there! i just discovered your blog/etsy shop and i am already a fan. well done!

    being a newbie, i'd have to say that i love your style and outfit posts...and i have to echo the comments above about how GREAT it is that you feature affordable pieces.

    i also love the idea of you doing a three-for feature...where you feature one piece done several different ways.

    p.s. i LOVE this cowl. and could really use in up in Chicago. i'm just sayin'. (:

  22. love your inspiring outfits, and would love to see more outfit posts soon! ♥

  23. Outfit posts are the best! More opinion posts would be fun, because you seem like a smart and funny chica. :-)

  24. I like your outfit posts and how relatable your style is as a lot of what you wear I can wear to work. Love your Etsy shop too of course :)

  25. I love your style, your down to earth outfits yet chic! Overall I love your blog. Ii would like to see however, some DYI projects? Anything simple-small but cute!

    Catabohorquez (at) hotmail (dot) com

  26. hi sweets, i blogged about the giveaway!

  27. Great giveaway, Chaucee!

    Of course, I love your outfit posts & photography.

    I'd like to see more of your photography, and maybe you could do a knitting DIY (?) since you make such BEAUTIFUL things. :)

    You know where to reach me!

  28. And I tweeted, of course!!/jeannaadcock

  29. I really enjoyed the photos you took while in New York. You should post more Random photos. You are very talented. And I LOVE that you get a lot of your stuff at Target!

  30. I have posted a link to your blog at:

  31. Hey! I love that you take pictures in so many different places; it can get boring very quickly when people model in the same location every day.

    I would love to see more about you than just your outfits - maybe more fashion tips, your sources of inspiration, etc.

    Great giveaway!

  32. you have to know - your blog is my favorite fashion blog! i get excited everyday when you post something new. i think out of all fashion blogs that i found, your style is most similar to mine. i HAVE to be comfortable in what i wear and I'm a casual and jeans girl. so i love everything you post! :)

    the thing that i love about your blog is how you show styles with dresses/skirts. you inspire me in wearing more of them! i always felt that tights were something that will always be uncomfortable. but i think if i find the right one, along with the right outfit, i will be comfortable!

    what i would like to see is more style with jeans. like i said, i'm a girl with jeans. and perhaps style with lounge wear? that's the two fashion styles im looking for across blogs.

    i know i told you all this via email but thought i'd give it a shot in your giveaway. :) you even made me want to learn how to knit! haha!

    sending you smiles,

  33. Hello! Love the cowls, love the shop! I like the format you put the outfit posts in, with the components of each typed onto the picture file. And I'd love to see more posts on things that inspire you~

    le.paradis.found at gmail dot com

  34. You know I adore EVERYTHING about your blog - it's one of my absolute favs:) I especially love your outfits (you have the best layering skills hands down) and your photography, which is inspiring.

    I would love to see even more of your work on here:-)

    Awesome giveaway!! The cowl - beautiful! I love the color. I am still waiting to purchase a winter coat so I can then actually decide what cowl of yours I want to purchase to go with it:)

    Have a lovely day! xxMarisa

  35. blogged

  36. tweet !

  37. I love your blog! I really enjoy your day-to-day pictures :) I think I would really like to learn more about you--a Q&A post could be fun :)

    Thanks for being awesome!

  38. i think your blog is great. you have an everyday style that looks awesome and would work for most people. with that being sad, maybe showing us how you come up with your style or how to layer. thanks!
    rwvanvoorhis at gmail dot com

  39. I love your blog! I have to say it was the knitting and the photos that keep me here. :)

  40. Tweeted!:!/astitchntime/status/5041461250756608

  41. Thanks for offering such a great giveaway! Just love this color! I love your photos. So bright and lovely.

    I think you have a great blog already, so not sure what more I could tell you to add. Sorry if that's a lame "answer" to the 2nd question. :P

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