Style Files: Comfy Cosy

I think the photos turned out much better this time around.  What do you think? I still need to learn a lot about exposure and metering. It's all so confusing some times!
By the way, thank you SO MUCH for your feedback on the giveaway post! I had no idea you actually liked my daily life posts.  I thought they bored you!
The week before Thanksgiving is ALWAYS a mess at school.  Surprise papers, big projects, and huge tests are due this week and I'm feeling overwhelmed (this does not help with my stress problem).

Thankfully I have some extra posts saved on here just for times like this, when I don't have much time to dedicate to Streets and Stripes.


  1. Your pictures look really good. I love the coloring of them.

    This outfit is great. I love the how the jacket and the cowl scarf pull together a jeans and sweatshirt like look.

  2. These pictures turned out really well! And this is such a cute, comfy outfit! Your hair looks lovely up, by the way :)

  3. i am not lying when i say you are so pretty!!!!
    even in a comfy & cozy outfit you look super chic.
    when i do this i look like a hot mess...
    the photos turned out beautiful and i love love love your mustard cowl!

  4. Wow such a cute cowl...I should get one just like it...oh wait...:)

  5. I love this... I've really been into cozy, comfy, fashionable outfits, and this is great!

  6. you look so comfy and cute! :) messy buns are one of my go-to hairstyles.

  7. You look super cute! I love your hair :)

  8. I love this cowl! your hairband is super cute too :) great photos!


  9. I'm shamelessly in love with your cowl! Perfect color, and so cozy looking!

  10. Very nice - I love the casual and cozy look!

    These photos look better; both you and the background are properly exposed. I'm definitely still a beginner in the photography department; but it really is worth learning about exposure. It's nice to be in control of how your photos turn out!

  11. These pictures look great! I love the yellow cowl scarf.


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