Daily Life: Tree Hunters

{There is no style post today. The past four days I have been knitting over 14 hrs each day. That leaves absolutely no time to get dressed, much less take some photos. So here are some pictures from our adventure of picking a Christmas tree this weekend.} Sorry, but I'm having to remove some photographs from this original post because of privacy issues.
Finding a tree can be a pretty big deal around here. It can either mean total chaos and confusion or something fun. I'm just glad that we weren't the very last customers this year like we were last year!
 I think having this adorable dog on the property where we go to cut our tree down was just a luring tactic to get us inside. I couldn't resist!
 Hot chocolate is the most welcome greeting.

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  1. I love these photos so real.. I can smell the Christmas trees...

  2. Love it
    Nothing beats the smell of a real Christmas tree :)

  3. I love going to cut down a Christmas tree! It's one of my very favorite traditions. Pretty much everyone around here just has a fake one, but I'll always always always want a real one. Nothing can replace the smell and the experience!

  4. Wow how great that you get to go and pick your tree from the field! We always have a real one but here in London they tend to sell them outside train stations and stuff.. for a hefty price! x

  5. i'm back!
    now i can comment again...
    (being without internet is horrible. hahha..)

    i love love love these pictures. they are so beautiful.
    my favorite is the horses. they melt my heart..such wonderful creatures.
    looks like you had a fabulous time.
    have a great week love.

  6. Oh these photos are so beautiful! I want you to follow me around and capture my life, too ;) And your tree looks like a winner!

  7. Oh, these photos are stunning, and so so cute! :)
    I've never actually picked out my own Christmas tree, as we always have a fake one, but these pictures make me want to get a real tree so badly!

  8. That looks so fun!
    I love the picture with the mailbox and the bow- that's how I feel about mail most of the time, but especially during the holiday season when it brings so many nice treats!

  9. Knitting over 14 hours a day?? Oh my, that's a lot of knitting. I can spend 4 or 5 hours a day doing that, or maybe more, just broken up into intervals. Then again, I'm still a beginner knitter :) Getting the tree looks like a lot of fun! HOpe you had a great weekend.

  10. i really love that picture of the hot chocolate.

  11. Oh, I love all the pictures of the horses... they are beautiful!


  12. these are PRETTY!!

    whoa... you're a knitting machine, lady!

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  14. Aw, these are such magical photos! We chopped down our tree a couple weeks ago as well - it's seriously the best thing ever:)

  15. These photographs are UNREAL! how did you get your pics that colour? I've been trying to figure this out for months! Anyways, looks like you had tons of fun picking out a tree!


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